Universal Service and Repair Software

Less Headaches & More Profit – A winning combination for your Service, Maintenance & Repair Operation.

Service and repair operations face unique challenges. Overcome them successfully and you can be very profitable. Struggle with them and any profits from your business can quickly be eroded. Universal Service and Repair Software is designed to protect your service management operation by automating your Service Department and equipping your staff to provide better customer service and to handle work orders professionally.

Rather than bogging down your technicians and staff with time-consuming administrative work, UAS easily tracks the entire cycle and workflow, freeing your staff to focus on productive, revenue-producing tasks.

From the moment a work order is opened and an item or piece of equipment is put in for repair, you will immediately know if this item has been repaired by you in the past, if this item was purchased from your store, and if this piece of equipment has changed hands. Service managers can assign tasks to technicians and monitor productivity. As your technicians progress with a work order, they can enter their observations and remarks, change phases, add stock and non-stock parts, record labor hours, and even include before-and-after images of the repair.

Universal Service and Repair Software offers an integrated solution that flows through all departments within your business. For example, while pulling parts for a work order, your technicians notice that a commonly-used part is low or out of stock. They can easily requisition parts for stock as well as for specific repairs. Because Universal Service and Repair Software is seamlessly integrated with the Inventory Control and Purchase Order modules, your purchasing manager can quickly access technician requisitions for easy processing. Once a work order is completed, the information automatically flows to a Call Log where you can track customer contact through pick-up or delivery of the equipment. Completed work orders can be cashed out or billed through any of Universal’s front-end modules – Sales Order invoicing, Point Of Sale or Rental Control –thus closing the work order cycle. If the repair was covered under partial or full warranty, you can even track the pending credit from the warranty vendor. All of this flows seamlessly through your General Ledger and Bank reconciliation modules, eliminating profit-draining time wasted and margin for human error related to redundant data entry into multiple systems.

Software Highlights

  • Immediate pop-up prompts from the moment you start a work order or estimated request inform you regarding service history, right down to detailed individual work orders.
  • Prepare estimates and print or view internal profit analysis to ensure that you are making the right amount of profit – this allows you to make needed changes before you quote your customer.
  • Generate and email printed estimates, and track approvals and “no-repair” responses.
  • Easily convert an estimate with one click to an active work order, with no redundant parts entry.
  • Attach images, specifications, drawings, even manufacturer’s website addresses to customer’s equipment file.
  • Easily track parts on back-order. When parts are received, have an immediate flag for waiting work orders rather than wasting time with unnecessary stock put-away.
  • Invoicing a work order couldn’t be easier – once a technician marks the job “complete”, work orders can be converted to invoices with no redundant entry.
  • Technicians can quickly and easily clock in and out on jobs, ensuring that all time is captured – billable and down time – for accurate billing and down time analysis.
  • Configure the system to your business – not the other way around! Set up your own work phases, equipment types, service codes, customer preferences and more.
  • Are you an equipment rental company? Internal works orders manage and track maintenance of your rental equipment fleet. Service dollars flow to rental reporting for true profit and loss analysis that factors in equipment maintenance costs.
  • For managed service contracts, set up Service Programs with optionally-assigned service steps, associated parts and more. Produce a printed checklist or online check-off by technicians, ensuring that every required step in a process is completed
  • How many jobs were completed today? Yesterday? Last week? Last month? How many are on-hold, waiting for parts? Waiting for estimates? Completed but waiting to be picked up, delivered or invoiced?Universal reporting functions provide this information quickly and easily.
  • Analyze gross profit per job, per technician – even see projected sales and profit for jobs in progress or completed but not yet billed.
  • Do you have a counter operation – sales, rental or both? For companies with counter operations, automatic prompts immediately pop up to alert your staff regarding completed service items for the customer they are working with. (After all, completed work orders aren’t doing you any good until they are converted to payments!)
  • Universal’s service software is completely integrated with other Universal modules… so inventory levels are accurate, invoices update Accounts Receivable and General Ledger, and cash/credit card transactions or AR payments update the Bank Reconciliation module. No need to deal with the hassles of exporting information to separate accounting software.

Industries served:

  • Heavy Construction Equipment Repair
  • Generators & Power Equipment Maintenance
  • Power Tool Repair
  • Truck Fleet Repair
  • Professional & Institutional Kitchen Repair & Maintenance
  • Recreational & Automotive Vehicle Service
  • Small Engine Repair
  • Utility Equipment Repair
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Boat & Marine Repair