• Exceptional Design Inspired By Our Clients.

    Universal Accounting Software, Inc. offers a suite of business and accounting modules that are the result of in-depth research conducted where it counts most – onsite with companies experiencing day-to-day business operations, not in an isolated programmer’s think tank. This unique approach has enabled UAS to develop individual modules that precisely hit the targeted requirements for that particular operation. Together these modules comprise an enterprise management system that heightens efficiencies, streamlines processes, and effects business changes that go right to the bottom line. Yes, we take the credit for the intuitive design. But we owe it all to our clients for handing us their challenges and allowing us to solve them.

    Solid Technology. Flexible Options. Scalable Solutions.

    All UAS software products are ODBC-compliant and utilize client/server technology. This means peak performance with enhanced data integrity and the ability to handle high-volume transaction processing. In 2012, we announced Universal Cloud with the same robust functionality as our client/server products delivered in the software as a service (Saas) model.

    The software is modular yet seamlessly integrated, allowing you to configure just the right system to meet your needs now with the ability to expand your system as your business develops. Universal is scalable to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes, from one single location to multiple branches with many simultaneous users.

    Practical Advantages That Help You Reach Your Full Business Potential

    Universal has been successfully implementing software solutions since 1990. With each client, we focus on targeted objectives:

    – Delivering industry specific knowledge and features without expensive development costs
    – Going live more quickly with out-of-the-box functionality specific to your business needs
    – Delivering competitive advantages
    – Growing your company without impacting your Administration Payroll expense
    – Empowering you and your staff to make better business decisions with better information

    Whether you require additional users, open new locations, or delve into new core competencies, UNIVERSAL Accounting Software is designed to grow with you and help you take your business to the next level.