Universal Container and Trailer Software

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Integrated software for the container, trailer & portable storage industry.

Trailer and Container companies know that attention to detail is critical.  To achieve maximum profitability, multiple challenges must be successfully met.

For starters, most companies in this industry have multiple core competencies, including container rental, trailer rental & leasing, mobile office rental, sale of used containers, and depot billing. And then there are customized container modifications that cover a broad spectrum, from general door and window modifications to livable housing, recreational uses, government applications and more.

We started focusing on this industry in 2009. It was then that we realized that renting a container or trailer was very different than renting other equipment, such as a skidsteer or excavator.  By that year, we had been in the rental industry for many years. But if we were going to serve the container and trailer industry, we wanted to do it right. So we joined trade organizations such as the National Portable Storage Association and the National Trailer Dealers Association and in 2009 released a new Universal Container and Trailer module. To this day, we continue to improve and enhance this, and all, Universal software products by responding to the requests of our clients.

Universal Container and Trailer Software is specifically designed to handle container & trailer rental, sales, leasing and container modification activities in one totally-integrated system… one solution that totally eliminates the need for separate accounting software, cumbersome external spreadsheets or manual documents. Universal Container and Trailer Software takes the challenges of the container, trailer and portable storage industry head-on, with out-of-the-box functionality specific to the container and trailer industry and a suite of modules that can empower you to improve operations and grow your company without impacting your payroll.

Software Highlights

  • Detailed Unit information for both owned and managed assets help you effectively run your operation. Container information includes Grade, Material, Size, Condition, and more. Trailer information includes targeted details for Suspension, Roof, Tire, Doors, Gate, License and Dimensions, etc.
  • Consolidated Billing option bills all containers and/or trailers to one customer on a single invoice.
  • Prefer sending out a bill for each rental contract? Universal provides that option as well.
  • Easy entry of rental contracts provides exactly the specifications you need, including number of Free Days (for depot billing), fees for Handling In/Out and Drop Off/Pickup.
  • Flexible periodic rental billing covers daily, weekly or monthly cycles.
  • Are you a depot? Billing functionality doesn’t stop with your own units.  Accurately invoice managed units without precious billing falling behind… or worse yet… through the cracks.
  • Container & Trailer Software designed by your industry… for your industry. Universal Container & Trailer Software is the result of interaction with many different types of container & trailer clients… companies that face the same challenges you do. The result? Real-world solutions that actually move your business forward.
  • Container & Trailer Inventory Availability Dashboard puts you in complete control of your assets with all required information at your fingertips: Units available, sold, on rent, on order, on site move, on vessel.
  • Integrated CRM functionality provides the right tools to strengthen customer relationships and isn’t that the heart of any thriving business?
  • Do you sell containers & trailers? Universal protects your profitability by showing associated costs in addition to the original purchase cost of your unit.  After all, how can you sell a container or trailer if you are unsure of the actual cost?  Maximize your profitability by having the right information presented at the right time, including costs of doors, windows, repairs, etc.
  • Do you modify containers? Universal offers a completely new work order management system with specific features for container modifications. Creating quotes and estimates for custom jobs has never been easier.
  • Specific functionality for container or trailer operations …or both. We understand that container and trailer rental, sales and leasing have different
    requirements. Universal Container and Trailer Software does it all.
  • Brand new Dispatching functions provide more control over releases and movement of units in and out of your locations.  Easily control the issue of Release numbers, Equipment Interchange Receipts, trucker Purchase Orders and more.
  • Work orders can have multiple attachments such as drawings and specification documents, photos and more – great for container modifications.
  • Track parts and labor for each work order by entering parts from stock inventory, non-stock special order parts, drayage/delivery fees and technician time log function.
  • Parts management is a snap with comprehensive inventory tracking and automated purchasing tools to help you accurately replenish stock parts and manage special orders.
  • User-definable work order status phases allow you to track work orders requiring estimates or awaiting customer approval, convert estimates to active job status with one click, track jobs waiting for parts and more.
  • Are you using a separate software package for accounting? If so, you are LOSING MONEY!  Think we’re exaggerating?  Give us 20 minutes of your time and we’ll prove it.  Just call us at 800-536-1633 Ext. 1.

Industries served:

  • Container Rental
  • Container Sales
  • Container Modifications
  • Trailer Rental & Leasing
  • Trailer Sales
  • Mobile Storage
  • Mobile Office Rental

Some of Our Clients: