Do I need a server?

If you have multiple users and are using Universal client/server version, then you will need a server.  Another option is our cloud option. .

Do I need a server dedicated to Universal software applications?

No, a dedicated server is not required.  And the system is designed to be space-efficient. You will need to have a minimum of 5 GB memory and 10 GB of free disk space assigned to UAS. You can share your existing server to run UAS software.

I have multiple locations and one server. What are my options?

UAS can have multiple companies (separate databases – independent of each other) running on the same server, or multiple locations / branches running as separate divisions of one company on the same server. In order to accomplish that you need to run MS Terminal Server or Citrix Client.

Whether you choose to run as separate company databases or separate divisions of one corporation usually depends on the structure of your business and whether or not your separate locations are separate tax entities or one corporate tax entity.

Do you offer a Cloud option?

Yes. For companies that prefer using a hosted application, we offer the same fully-integrated modules as our client/server version in a Cloud-based system hosted securely on a Microsoft Azure platform..


What are the minimum requirements for a server?

Any Intel or AMD based server with single, dual or quad processors, 5 GB memory and at least 10 GB of disk space reserved for UAS. You must use gigabyte or higher network cards on all devices such as server, work stations and network hubs. Server O/S (operating system) must be MS Small Business 3.0 or higher: Windows Server 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2008, or higher. More memory and/or multiple processors are an option.  If you are using our SQL Version, then you will need Microsoft SQL Server 2008 or higher.

What are the minimum requirements for a work station?

Any Intel or AMD based workstation with 1 GB or higher memory and at least 50 GB of disk space dedicated to UAS. O/S (operating system) must be Windows 7 or higher. Windows Home versions cannot be used.

What type of report printers do I need?

You can use any type of laser printer as long as they are installed using MS Windows compatible drivers.

Can I also use small receipt printers to print cash receipts?

Small receipt printers can be used with Universal’s Point Of Sale module. You can use any 4″ wide receipt printer provided that they are installed using Microsoft Windows compatible drivers.


Do I need to buy the entire system?

Universal is a modular-based system; therefore, we can configure the right system for you. It’s not necessary for you to purchase modules that you do not need.

Can I expand my system at any time?

Yes. Many clients have started off with one configuration and then, as their businesses have grown and their needs evolve, they have added modules, additional users, or new locations and branches.

Does the Cloud version of Universal have different functionality than the Client/Server version?

From a user standpoint, the software functions entirely the same in both versions, with one exception: The driver’s license scanning add-on option canot be used with the Cloud version. From a technical standpoint, the startup installation process is different.


Do you provide training on your products?

Every system that we sell includes training by a UAS trainer. In fact, we require that training be part of your purchase. We believe that proper, thorough training is just as important as developing the right solutions.  After all, a tool or piece of equipment is only as good as its operator.

Does your trainer come to my location?

On-site training is one option, and is typically used by companies that are implementing many modules or have a full staff that needs to be trained. We also offer training at our headquarters in Edgewater, NJ. Both options -at your site and at ours – offer intensive training in full-day sessions. Another popular option is Web training. This is instructor-led live training broken down in shorter, manageable sessions so that users can absorb the information and apply what they’ve learned as they build their system and practice with the software.

Speaking of practice, how do we practice with the system without distorting our real data

Every UAS system comes pre-loaded with a Practice Company for users to explore and use. This “hands-on” approach enables new users to become comfortable with the system more quickly without any fear of corrupting their actual company data.


How many users are in your installed based?

Our products have been installed in 1,100+ companies, with thousands using our software each day.

Are UAS clients limited to the U.S.?

Not at all. In addition to clients throughout the continental US, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and Puerto Rico, we have clients throughout Canada as well as abroad, including Aruba, South Africa, Philippines and more.