Universal Specialty Retail Point of Sale Software

Dynamic retail software to help you manage and grow your business.

Universal Retail Software provides the right technology for the fast-paced retail environment. It is packed with features that provide real-world solutions to the common challenges that face today’s retailers. System flexibility enables you to configure the software to your business model. Because this is a fully-integrated system with built-in accounting modules, Universal Specialty Retail Software provides an up-to-the-minute 360-degree view of your business, helping you monitor performance, improve operations, and build your business.

Software Highlights

  • Efficiently-designed POS entry screen delivers the quickest cash-out without sacrificing the ability to enter detailed information.
  • Hot-keys and clicks speed up the process for walk-in/cash customer, item lookups, suspend & resume tickets, charge customer credit check and A/R account status and more.
  • Multi-store operations benefit from centralized control, complete division reporting, and consolidated purchasing options.
  • Deliver efficient, personalized service with instantaneous access to customer sales history, particularly useful for businesses with frequent repeat shoppers.
  • Quickly transform your computer into an efficient POS station with plug-and-play POS devices such as barcode reader, electronic signature capture, driver’s license scanner and credit card swipe.
  • Does your customer want their merchandise shipped? No problem! You can easily enter unlimited ship-to addresses per customer with appropriate sales tax calculations.
  • Flexible price structures provide the most versatile system, with the ability to assign pricing by customer price level assignment, contract pricing for items or categories by customer or by job, price formulas, quantity/volume price breaks, alternate selling units, customer discounts, or pre-defined sales promotions with start and ending dates.
  • Integrated credit/debit card processing provides a smooth POS transaction, eliminating credit card terminals and separate communication lines for card transactions.
  • Attach images, specifications, drawings, even manufacturer’s website addresses to inventory items.
  • Extensive reporting equips you to optimize profitability by identifying trends, evaluating operations, and analyzing financial data. Authorized users can share detailed data quickly and easily via email or export information directly into Microsoft Excel.
  • Take an immediate pulse of your business at any time with Universal’s Executive Dashboard function that quickly provides a global view of your operation with comparatives, recaps for today/this month/this year, top performers and more.
  • Do you take pre-orders? Enter phone and pre-orders easily by creating a Sales Order, and then invoice it in the POS screen when the customer comes in to pick up.
  • Partial pickup/shipment of a pre-order is no problem with Universal’s meticulous back-order tracking. Completely eliminate the mess and clutter of manual notes, reminders and clipboards and never lose track of back-ordered items. System provides immediate notification when the merchandise is received for quick turn-around to your waiting customer.
  • Driver’s License Scanning integration option enables counter personnel to quickly capture name, address and license image with no typing, improving accuracy and speed. Great for building a customer marketing database and for securing info when accepting checks.
  • Product returns are tracked with security options to prevent false returns.
  • Due-From Driver function is perfect for companies that deliver product COD to customers. Tight control of due-from-driver amounts eliminate manual tracking and losses due to collected amounts being unaccounted for.
  • Product replenishment and re-ordering is completely streamlined with Universal’s Purchase Order module. Stock replenishment tasks are reduced and can be based upon pre-defined stock levels, average quantity sold/”X” # of month’s forecast… or use the Auto-Generate function to slash data-entry time and maximize efficiency.
  • Luxury item sales are effectively managed using serial item tracking, ideal for specialty retail items such as jewelry, couture and vintage apparel, fine art stores, antiques and collectibles.
  • Generate barcode labels and plain item labels in a variety of sizes for use on products, pallets, and shelves.
  • Security controls allow you to tailor user-access levels individually or by role.
  • Are you also a service & repair business? Universal’s Work Order module seamlessly integrates with POS for quick invoicing at the pickup/retail counter.
  • Do you have a web store… or are you considering adding ecommerce as a sales channel? Universal offers options to integrate with your existing shopping cart or we can build one for you.
  • Client/Server or Cloud…take your pick. Whether you run on your server or via hosted services, Universal can provide you with the control, flexibility and accessibility that is right for your specific business.

Industries served:

  • Hardware Stores
  • Building Supply Centers
  • Masonry Supply Yards
  • Lawn & Garden
  • Electronics & Appliance Centers
  • Paint Stores
  • Power Tool Stores
  • Automotive Parts & Accessories
  • Beauty Supply
  • Gift Shops
  • Law Enforcement Product Supply
  • Sports & Recreation Equipment
  • Swimming Pool Equipment & Supply
  • Arts & Crafts Stores
  • Luxury Item Stores
  • Video, Audio & Production Equipment

Some of Our Clients: