Universal Mason Supply Software

The system specifically designed for:Mason Supply Distributors, Retailers and Brick and Block Producers

All the building blocks you need to sustain and grow your mason supply business.

Universal Mason Supply & Block Production Software is designed to successfully meet the unique challenges of brick, block, cement and building material distributors. Packed with functions specifically targeted for the mason supply industry, Universal offers all the tools you’ll need to assure optimum efficiency and maximum profitability. Whether you run a single or multi-location mason supply yard, retail store, or distribution operation, you owe it to yourself and your business to see precisely how Universal Mason Supply Software can streamline your entire operation.

Think about this:  If you’re using generic accounting software to manage your mason supply business, you are missing out on tangible benefits (including INCREASED PROFIT and REDUCED EXPENSE) that our industry-specific product can offer.  Want proof?  Give us 30 minutes of your time and we will show you how.

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Software Highlights

  • Square footage conversions for quick, accurate calculations at the retail counter
  • Immediate display of Unit of Measure computation alerts you to exact quantity fulfillment. If, for example, you don’t break bands or straps, the system will alert you to round up. If you do break larger quantities down to each, system can upcharge for you.
  • Accurate loading quantity conversions eliminate overloading that erodes profitability – prints Bundle, Cube, Strap, Section, Band, Piece quantities
  • Pallet refund and product return controls to prevent invalid refunds
  • Supports inventory tracking by lot and serial number (for equipment)
  • Credit check flags and options alert you to receivable risks and prevent further risk exposure
  • Partial pickup controls allow for load pickups to be tracked against one order
  • Extensive pricing functions to support contract pricing by Customer and/or Job, tiered pricing by customer type, volume discounts and alternate selling units. Create your own pricing formulas based on standard, average or flexible landed cost calculations. Zone pricing enables companies with multiple branches to pricing per location in order to reflect additional transportation and other landed costs.
  • Barcode capabilities include multiple UPS codes for each inventory item (great for blades and tools from multiple suppliers). Generate item labels as well as bundle/section product labels.
  • Handles multiple locations including multiple warehouses, branch locations, divisions and companies
  • Document management allows attachment of any standard format document, scan, photo, schematic and URL address link to customers, vendors, items or individual transactions – great for MSDS info, signed contracts, credit apps, engineering drawings, etc.
  • Built-in integration with point of sale hardware, driver’s license scanning, electronic signature capture and credit card processing for maximum efficiency at the counter
  • Truck scale interface option for sand, gravel and bulk materials. Computes product net weight and sends data to point-of-sale for accurate, easy billing or checkout.
  • Over-weight alerts can automatically be displayed when your own trucks are being over-loaded.
  • Order-entry and POS screens are specifically designed for the mason industry with functions including immediate on-screen area computations for pavers, display of loading quantity information, one-click order history for customers, jobs and products, due-from-driver monitoring, interface with Google maps for delivery driving directions and distance, and more.
  • Extensive targeted reporting from financial data and detailed sales analysis to SBE reporting and on-demand reports for customers, including the invaluable Job Tracking Report for your contractor and construction company accounts.
  • Brick & Block Manufacturing functions allow you to define mix types with defined raw materials, block setups, labor and labor-related overhead, general and administrative overhead. Create production orders, enter detailed batch information as the job progresses, and analyze job profitability. System automatically updates quantity levels of raw materials as well as finished goods.
  • Involved in Ready-Mix operations?Universal interfaces with various ready-mix systems for seamless data transfer and elimination of redundant data entry.

Industries served:

  • Mason Product Distributors & Retailers
  • Brick & Block Manufacturers
  • Aggregate & Bulk Material Suppliers
  • Ready-Mix Providers

Some of Our Mason Supply Clients: