ALIMENTO Food Distribution Enterprise Software


Dynamic food industry software to effectively manage and grow your food service distribution business.

How do you stop rising costs from slicing into already-tight food distribution margins?

How do you prevent customer loyalty erosion?

How can you reduce costly errors and redundancy in operational tasks?

How can you identify situations that need attention before they become costly problems?

These are the issues facing all food distributors and food service providers. ALIMENTO Food Distribution Enterprise Software efficiently addresses the complicated challenges of the industry in an uncomplicated, easy-to-use system.

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Software Highlights

  • Catch-weight calculations and tracking
  • Flexible pricing options including:
    User-defined pricing formulas can be based on standard or average cost, other assigned price levels and more
    20 price levels based upon customer assignment
    3 alternate selling unit pricing with upcharge option
    Quantity price break matrix
    Unlimited contract pricing for customer-specific negotiated pricing
  • Parent/Child billing in A/R easily handles chain store billing, payment application and collections
  • Rebate tracking
  • Incentive reporting
  • Supports multiple warehouses, branches and divisions
  • Executive Dashboard provides owners and managers with management tools to take a daily pulse of the business and guide its growth.
  • Pop-up alerts show other open orders for customer, AR delinquency before you ship, sale prices below cost, and credit limit warnings.
  • Gross Profit percentage display for line item and total order option while entering order can help to protect profit margins.
  • Alert message for items sold less than cost.
  • Quick-entry tools dramatically reduce the time and effort needed to enter lengthy orders.
  • Dormant customer and unplaced order reporting.
  • Ability to assign Delivery Day of the Week to customer.
  • Delivery and route scheduling.
  • Staff productivity reporting for order-entry and warehouse picking personnel.
  • Built-in CRM tools to manage and cultivate strong customer relationships.
  • Strong A/R controls at crucial points in the order/delivery cycle minimize overdue accounts and streamline collections.
  • Track credit memos with options to indicate returned merchandise versus damaged merchandise.
  • User-definable checkbox fields on the Inventory can be used for options such as ingredient flags (i.e., Peanut-based, Kosher, etc.).
  • Product replenishment functions completely streamline the Purchasing function.
  • Flexible inventory re-order methods allow for Min/Max, Economic quantity and system-adjusted re-order levels based on actual sales performance.
  • Have a retail or pick-up counter? Universal’s Point-Of-Sale module is the perfect addition to Alimento’s order-entry system, offering an extremely flexible POS entry screen which allows you to tailor your system with just the amount of control that’s right for your situation.

Industries served:

  • Full Line Food Distributors
  • Produce Distributors
  • Beverage Distributors
  • Importers/ Exporters
  • Wholesale Food Distribution
  • Specialty Cheese Distributors
  • Grocery Distributors
  • Coffee Distributors
  • Snack Food Distributors
  • Dairy Products Distributors

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